AirSafe Receiver Hitches

When traveling with a trailer attached, you want to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. As a leading supplier of AirSafe receiver hitches, Advanced Towbars has a range of receiver hitches for your vehicle. Our qualified team will fit the receiver and have you back on the road in no time.

Why AirSafe

AirSafe receiver hitches incorporate the latest technology to meet Australian towing standards. The patented technology of these hitches eliminates trailer sway. Doing this allows greater driving control in all conditions. This means you can tow a trailer, caravan or horse float, without any disruptions. All AirSafe hitches undergo extensive testing in Australia to meet driving conditions.

How They Work

Driving with a trailer requires the driver to be in complete control. The trailer shouldn’t dictate driving conditions. AirSafe hitches have been engineered to ensure towing a trailer is a safe and smooth affair.

AirSafe receiver hitches break the rigid connection between the trailer and the vehicle. This helps reduce shock transfer, and in some cases, the reduction can be as much as 90%. This allows for even weight distribution throughout the trailer and vehicle.

In turn, this ensures greater braking and manoeuvring power while driving. Fuel consumption is decreased and your tyres will last longer because of the even balance of the weight.

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