Trailer Sway Control Kit

Anyone fortunate enough to have a towbar attached to their vehicle understands the convenience they provide. However, it can be all for nothing without the proper accessories attached. Advanced Towbars Melbourne has an extensive range of trailer attachments for your towing needs. We offer high-quality trailer sway control kits in Melbourne at an economical price range. Sway control kits, also known as trailer stability control kits or trailer anti-sway control kits, helps the trailer to maintain stability on road.

Trailer Sway Control Kit Installation

Trailer sway control kit installation is a skilled job. Proper installation requires high-level knowledge, experience and advanced tools. Advanced Towbars offers most avant-grade trailer-sway-control kits and quick installation service across Melbourne. We provide the best quality products and services when it comes to trailer stability control kits.

What Causes Trailer Sway

Managing the weight of your trailer and vehicle is made more difficult with trailer sway. The most common cause of trailer sway is wind. Driving in strong winds with a poorly secured trailer causes it to sway side-to-side. Known as fishtailing, it is a leading cause of accidents involving trailers.

Other factors contributing to trailer sway include:

  • Load weight incorrectly balanced
  • Travelling at high speeds (over the limit)
  • Uneven road surfaces
  • Low pressure tyres on the trailer
  • The trailer and load are too heavy for your vehicle to tow

Before travelling with a trailer, always check to see if everything is in good working condition. The last thing you need is to be stopping on busy roads with a heavy tow attached.

Types of Sway Control

As Melbourne’s leading towing specialist, Advanced Towbars Melbourne has sway control kits for all vehicles. The two most common sway control kits that clients have fitted include:


Proactive sway controls have been manufactured to prevent a trailer from swaying. The sway control of this system forms a rigid connection between the trailer and vehicle. Designed to handle all cornering and short movements, proactive sway controls maintain a constant rigid connection.


Reactive sway control kits are designed to detect sideways movement of the trailer. They react by bringing the trailer back in line with the vehicle when swaying. With an adjustable bar attached, it helps counter balance the weight of the trailer. This helps reduce the sideways movement of the trailer when driving.

Towing a trailer should be a stress-free task. Sadly, for some, it isn’t always the case. If you would like to know more about our sway control kits, call us today on 1300 238 869 or fill out a form online. Our staff will ensure your vehicle is fitted appropriately with the right kit.

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