Reversing Camera Installation

Reverse Camera Installation in Melbourne

Visibility is extremely vital when driving, particularly to the sides and back of your vehicle. Parking is one of the most common causes of scratches and dents, and parents are all too aware of the stress when reversing out of the driveway when young children or pets are around.

Reverse cameras are your eyes behind your car, so it’s essential to have a good fit. Our range of electronic parking aid kits provide exceptional vision at every angle. While some new cars come standard with this feature, it’s simple and affordable for us to install it on almost any vehicle that doesn’t have it.

Don’t rely solely on the limited scope of windows and mirrors – make a small investment that could save you from costly damage or much worse. Advanced Towbars brings you the latest reverse car camera kits and being the best car reverse camera installation service in Melbourne at an unbeaten price.

Reverse Camera Installation Cost in Melbourne

Our rear-view camera installation cost is reasonable and you can be sure of superior performance. We have multiple types of reverse cameras for all types of vehicles from cars to trailers. All the prices include the cost of the product and car reverse camera installation. Our service for car reverse camera installation in Melbourne is second to none and you can count on us for exceptional results.

Passenger Vehicles

  • Mirror Monitor system
  • 24 Volt vehicles
  • 3.5” dash-mounted monitor system
  • Double Din in-dash systems
  • 5.6” dash-mounted monitor system

Car And Caravan

  • 5.6” Monitor 2 cameras and trailer connection
  • Dual camera on the caravan
  • 7” Monitor 2 cameras and trailer connection
  • Double Din in-dash systems

Motor Homes

  • 5.6” Monitor System
  • Dual Camera system
  • 7” Monitor System

Truck And Industrial

Prices are made available upon request for each vehicle combination.

Explore Our Range of Reverse Sensors and Cameras

There are two main options we can provide to improve safety in this area. Installing reverse sensors across the back or front end of your car enables a dynamic tone when you move backwards or forwards, changing depending on how close obstacles are so you can park with precision against hidden obstacles or be warned of sudden obstructions like pedestrians and other motorists. With unmatched reversing camera fitting, we can give you the results you want.
Reverse Sensors and Cameras

Need Help for Installing a Reverse Camera?

Advanced Towbars can fit a reversing camera to the front or rear of your vehicle and attach it to a monitor inside the cabin. The wide-angle lens gives you a much better look at what’s behind you in a high-quality live feed that automatically activates when you shift into reverse.

When using the reverse camera, remember to always check your mirrors and windows as well so that you get a full view of your surroundings. We highly recommend combining both reverse sensors and cameras for comprehensive awareness.

Whether you want a rear camera installed or would like to find out more about our reverse camera installation cost, feel free to contact us.