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Towing a trailer can become a hazard without the right accessories. Before you drive off with your next trailer, visit Advanced Towbars Melbourne. We’ll fit your vehicle with the accessories you need to be safe on the road. Our knowledge of trailers is unprecedented. The electric brake controller is an essential device, every trailer should have to enhance safety. Advanced Towbars offers the best electric brake controller installation service in Melbourne.

What are Electric Brake Controllers?

Electric brake controllers are a fitted device that is mounted to a vehicle’s dashboard. They are connected to the brakes on your trailer, allowing them (controller) to detect when you are braking. With electric control, the driver can adjust the amount of brake power being applied to the trailer.

Coming in different sizes, the controls are installed under the dash, on the driver’s side. Within reach of the driver, some controllers feature a manual override. This allows the driver to activate the brakes of the trailer, autonomously of the vehicle’s brakes.

Caravan Electric Brake Controller Supplier

Every caravan and trailer has to fit an electric brake controller to be allowed on road, by law. Electric brake controllers are essential to ensure the necessary safety. Multiple brands are offering electric brake controllers in Australia. But with years of experience expertise, Advanced Towbars remains the No.1 caravan electric brake controller supplier and installer in Melbourne.

Law Regarding Electric Brake Controller in Australia

Under Australian Design Rules, trailers that have a GTM (gross trailer mass) exceeding 750kgs, must have brakes. Without working brakes, your trailer or caravan is deemed unroadworthy. Anyone found in breach of these road rules will face heavy fines and loss of demerit points.

Electric brake controllers are an investment worth making and will last you many trips. However, always be wary of speed limits because high speeds while towing may cause your trailer to sway.

Our Promise

At Advanced Towbars Melbourne, we supply a range of electric brake controllers for all vehicles. Regardless of how often you tow a heavy load, vehicle safety must come first. Advanced Towbars Melbourne fit the right brake controller to meet your trailer’s specifications.

We supply the best brands at the best prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and everybody should be safe while driving with a trailer attached.

Electric brake controllers are mandatory for loads over 750Kg on Victorian roads. Without it, you are putting your safety at risk – as well as the safety of others. As a leading supplier of electric brake controllers, Advanced Towbars Melbourne, has got you covered.

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