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We at Advanced Towbars help our customers find a suitable BMW towbar fitting solution for their vehicle. Our staff will take your car’s details such as the make and model and will find a compatible towbar.

Currently, we are offering a BMW towbar for sale online. We have both fixed and detachable tow bar options which give you the choice of selecting a versatile and stylish towbar instantly.

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The BMW towbar can be directly mounted to mounting points present in your vehicle. You can install the towbar without making any alterations to your car. Along with a BMW detachable towbar, we also offer the entire towbar system to improve your car’s stability and performance.

We Are Your Towbar Specialists

Advanced Towbars takes immense pride in the fact that we have towbars for the majority of the car models and their variants. You can check out our list of car brands and choose a specific car model. The BMW electric towbar is designed just for your car variant. We have a team of towbar experts dedicated to offering complete towbar installation services all over Australia.

BMW X5 Towbar

The towing capacity of ATV/SUV models ranges up to 3500 kg. You can go with a flange ball towbar for your X5 variant. This type of towbar features a tow ball that is simply bolted on the tow bar’s faceplate. Extremely versatile, this towbar is highly compatible with other car accessories such as a bumper guard.

All our BMW X3 towbar fitting solutions are fully compatible and offer long-lasting results. Our technicians will visit your location to provide technical assistance to you. We make sure that every towbar component is fitted properly.

Why Us?

We have a team of trained and experienced technicians backed with decades of experience. We have supplied and installed towbars such as BMW X1 towbar and BMW X3 towbar for many years. We provide value for money accessories and products that are best for improving your car’s performance. Each towbar undergoes a series of road safety tests to keep you and your car safe on the road. We train our staff and use high-quality installation equipment that allows us to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Browse the BMW X3 towbar for sale only at Advanced Towbars.

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