Mitsubishi Triton Tow Bar

Mitsubishi Triton Tow Bars set the standard for all others in the industry. We are excited to share the latest and safest Mitsubishi Triton Tow bar options with you (and of course, we only deal with authentic, Genuine Mitsubishi Triton Tow Bars) at Advanced Towbars!

Tow Bar for Triton

Give us a call, drop us a line or pop in and see us. We can answer even the trickiest questions about how to get you towing in style, using authentic Tow Bars for Mitsubishi Triton.

Mn Triton Tow Bar

Mitsubishi Triton Tow Bar Installation is easy. What you need to remember is to make sure that all areas are fully secured and double-check according to your vehicle specs. We can help you with that. No problem!  Same deal with working out the ins and out of the Mitsubishi Triton Tow Ball Weight – it doesn’t have to be a hassle at all; in fact, it’s going to be a breeze because our in-house experts are on-hand to assist you, every step of the way. 

Mr Triton Tow Bar

In fact, one of the reasons why the Tow Bar for the Mitsubishi Triton is so popular is because the Mitsubishi Triton Tow Bar Kit makes everything so easy. 

Rear Step Tow Bar Mn Triton

You’ve got everything you need to get started, in one handy pack. Let us help you set it up and get you towing in style! In fact, the Tow Bar For Mitsubishi Triton is probably one of our best-sellers to date, because of its total reliability and the fact that it’s got plenty of grunt. 

Tow Bar Triton Mq

You’ll find that the 2022 calculations for Mitsubishi Triton Tow Capacity indicate that the braked towing capacity ranges from 1,800 kg – 3,100kg. It’s the tow bar of choice for those heavy-duty jobs and we can advise you if you have any questions about possible variations depending on your needs. Find out about how effective a fully equipped Mitsubishi Triton Tow Pack could be for your business while you’re there!

Mitsubishi Triton Tow Bar for Sale

We have premium tow bars at an affordable price, offering great value. Whether you are looking for a tow bar for Triton MQ or have some other specific requirement, we are here to assist you. The MQ Triton Tow Bar is specifically designed for the Triton model and provides unparalleled vehicle protection.


Q:  What would be the approximate Tow Ball Weight of the Mitsubishi Triton?

A:  The approximate capacity of the Triton is that it supports loads of up to 3,100 kg (As mentioned earlier, this is a braked reckoning). If you want to double-check, feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you calculate exactly how much grunt you need for your specific load.

Q: When we’re referring to “tow ball capacity,” which aspect of towing are we really addressing?

A: “Tow Ball Capacity,” (also known as, “Tow Ball Load,” is the proportion of trailer weight which is applied (vertically) to the rear, or the back area, of the tow vehicle. That said, a particular vehicle’s “Ball Load” details can be in the vehicle’s handbook. You’ll find it’s listed as a weight and it will show either in kilograms, OR, as a percentage of trailer’s ATM.

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