Reversing Sensor Installation

Reverse Parking Sensor Installation in Melbourne

Reverse parking sensors help you save money because most of the scratches and dents at the back of your car happen while parking. Rear sensors give warning alarms to alert you about any object behind your vehicle, so you don’t end up hitting them. At Advanced Towbars, we provide expert-level reverse sensor installations in Melbourne at affordable rates.

Reverse Parking Sensor Installation Cost

Reverse parking sensors are worth the money you spend — because once installed they help you to protect your vehicle for a much longer time. Advanced Towbars offers import quality reverse parking sensors and installation in Melbourne at an unbeaten cost range.
We are experts in enhancing the safety of your vehicle with advanced technologies and accessories. Our reverse parking sensor installation cost is the lowest in Melbourne and our service quality is unmatched.

Front and Rear Parking Sensor Installation

You can have parking sensors fitted at the front and rear of your vehicle. While the rear sensor assists in safe parking, the front sensor helps to avoid any invisible object at the front of your car.

At Advanced Towbars, you can choose from a wide variety of front and rear parking sensor models. We have various types and multiple brands at different price ranges. Whether you require rear parking sensors installation or need front and rear parking sensors fitted, we can cater to your needs.

Reverse Sensors and Cameras
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Types of Parking Sensors and Accessories

There are different types of car sensor installation available to us. Based on the technology there are three main types of parking sensors.
  1. Ultrasonic parking sensors: On ultrasonic sensors, sound waves are used to detect an object. The sensor emits sound waves and from the reflection, the sensor detects any object on the way of the waves
  2. Electromagnetic parking sensor: These sensors create an electromagnetic field around your car and when any object comes within the field it detects it and warns the driver.
  3. Parking cameras: Rear-facing parking cameras show you what is behind the car. They are connected to a display unit on the dashboard. Modern rear-facing cameras give you a calculation of the distance from an object behind your car.

Install a Reverse Sensor with Advanced Towbars

Want to find out about our parking sensor installation cost? Dial us on 1300 238 869 to know about the latest parking sensors on display and our reverse sensors installation service at Advanced Towbars. We are happy to give you the best parking sensor installation in Melbourne at an affordable price.