Towbar Installation Moorabbin

Expert Towbar Installations in Moorabbin

Are you on the lookout for trustworthy towbar installation services in Moorabbin? Check out Advanced Towbars — we are a team of professionals dedicated to giving high-quality towbar installation services in Moorabbin that fit your needs — at affordable prices.
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Why Choose Advanced Towbars for Towbar Installation in Moorabbin?

    • As a reputable towbar installer, we provide the top towbar brands in Moorabbin and the surrounding areas. When you want a reliable towbar for your car, here are the reasons you should contact us first:

      • Experience: We have accumulated skills and knowledge over the years by working in this field hence we can install towbars on any type of vehicle.
      • Quality products: It is our policy to work only with well-known manufacturers so as to ensure that our customers get good quality towbars which meet Australian standards.
      • Custom solutions: No two vehicles are exactly alike; therefore, each has its own unique towing requirements. For this reason, our experts will listen keenly to what you want, then come up with personalised solutions that will be perfect for your car or truck.
      • Professional installation: Our technicians have been trained well and equipped adequately thereby enabling them carry out their duties professionally without wasting time; using modern tools plus techniques while securing your towbar firmly but rapidly thus not interfering much with your daily routine.
      • Compliance and safety: Australian laws require all relevant rules to be followed during any tow bar fitting exercise so as not compromise safety.

      We guarantee not to breach your new car warranty by using only authentic, ADR-approved components.

Process Steps

  1. Here’s what to anticipate when you contact us for Moorabbin towing installation:

    1. Consultation: Initially we talk about whatsoever towing requirements you have got and vehicle specifications in order to find a towbar that suits best for you.
    2. Product Selection: Taking into account what has been discussed during the consultation, we will suggest the most appropriate towbars from our wide range of quality products.
    3. Installation: Our team does this part very carefully with all necessary details attended to and ensuring that everything fits tightly on your car.
    4. Testing and Inspection: We don’t give back vehicles without first testing them. Therefore, after installing a towbar onto your car, we carry out thorough tests on it before handing over the machine.
    5. Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness matters to us more than anything else does. Consequently, if there is any point at which you feel dissatisfied with our work or service delivery; kindly let us know so that we can rectify whatever went wrong during the installation process.

    With more than a decade of expertise in towbar fitting alone, we make sure to follow the laws while doing what we do best.

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When seeking experts in the area of towbar installation services within Moorabbin, you can trust Advanced Towbars. We understand that towing is important to you — so we provide efficient services, ensuring your safety when driving again. To book an appointment for fitting or make enquiries on what we offer, contact us today.