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Lilydale Towbars Installation Services

At Advanced Towbars, we know how important a dependable tow bar is for your vehicle. Our Lilydale Towbars installation service guarantees that the best quality towbars are skillfully fitted on your car to meet your towing needs — at the lowest prices — no matter where you are in Lilydale.
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Why Choose Advanced Towbars for Lilydale Towbars Installation?

As a trusted towbar installer in Lilydale, we supply the best towbar brands within Lilydale and beyond. Here’s why we’re the first you should call when you need a solid towbar for your vehicle:
  • Experience: Our technicians have installed towbars on various vehicles ranging from saloons to SUVs and trucks for over 40 years of working in this industry.
  • Quality products: We obtain our tow bars from renowned manufacturers so you can be sure only top-notch products will be fixed on your automobile.
  • Tailor made solutions: Depending on what you want done in terms of towing, our staff will work closely with you until they know exactly what it is that should be done then provide customised solutions designed around this information.
  • Professionalism during installation: Every single fitting is carried out by trained experts who pay attention even to the smallest details thus ensuring their work meets the highest standards possible.
  • Compliance and safety measures: All necessary rules are followed during installation process to make sure everything complies with Australian laws as well as being safe for use wherever applicable
We only use genuine, ADR-approved parts, ensuring not to void your new car warranty.

Our Towbar Installation Procedure

    1. Consultation: The initial step is consulting about your towing and vehicle requirements.
    2. Product selection: From the variety of our best products, we suggest a tow bar that suits you.
    3. Installation: Our team of professionals will install it with minimum interruption to your daily routine.
    4. Testing and inspection: We test all parts before releasing the car to ensure everything is okay.
    5. Customer satisfaction: If there are any questions concerning our services or installations, we promise to answer them until the client is satisfied.When you come to us for towing installation in Lilydale, here’s what you can expect:
With over 10 years of towbar fitting experience alone, we ensure to keep regulations in mind while doing what we’re good at.

Get in Touch With Us

Whether you own a big truck or a small car, having a towbar is essential. Contact us now for professional and reliable towbars installation services in Lilydale. Our experienced team of towbar fitters and electricians is welcoming and ready to help you with any of your towing requirements.