Toyota Corolla Towbars Melbourne

A towbar is an essential component that is usually fitted into the vehicle’s chassis. If you’re looking for a reliable Toyota Corolla tow bar installation service, the team of Advanced Towbars can help. Here you can choose a suitable towbar model and our experts will install it in your car.

The Toyota Corolla tow bar is installed using an electric kit to ensure all the features of your car function properly. The towbar’s towing capacity ranges from 1000kg up to 1200kg for Toyota Corolla models launched from 1997 to 2002. Whereas for the models launched from 2002 to 2008, the towbar’s capacity ranges from 1300kg to 1450kg.

Looking for a Toyota Corolla tow bar for sale? Our range of towbars are specifically designed to pull heavy objects including trailers and bike racks. To choose the right towbar, you must consider the weight of the trailer and towbar ball.

At Advanced Towbars, we also stock a large variety of Toyota Corolla bull bars. Whether you need a suitable tow bar or a bull bar, our experts can help you pick and install the right accessory for your vehicle.

Do You Need A Toyota Corolla Nudge Bar?

A nudge bar once installed minimises the chances of injuries in case of a collision or accident. Our cost-effective and easy to install nudge bars covers the front grille area and offer protection against bumps.

If you are interested in knowing the Toyota Corolla tow bar price, reach out to us via phone call on 1300 238 869.

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