Wise To Fit A Second Hand Towbar

Towbars are very durable but they do get damaged when they’re put to good use or exposed to dust, dirt, and saltwater. If you’re looking for a second-hand towbar, you need to find out if it’s in good working condition before buying it.

Should You Fit a Second Hand Towbar?

If you’re buying a second-hand towbar online, you may not be able to look for weak spots or signs of damage. If you have the opportunity to inspect it in person, you’ll be able to identify cracks and rust. It’s not always the best idea to fit a second-hand towbar but if it’s offered for a good price and has only minor problems that need attention, buy it. You can ask a towbar specialist to fix minor problems before installing it. If you are considering the idea of installing used tow bars and looking for used towbars for sale, it is vital to make several considerations.

What to Watch Out for


Rust is one the most important things to watch out for. Rust damages the metal and destroys its integrity. Towbars are specifically designed to tow loads. If the towbar can’t bear the weight of the load, it could crack and cause road accidents.

The Right Match

Towbars are also tailor-made to suit vehicle makes and models. If you buy a used towbar for sale that doesn’t match your vehicle’s make and model, it may not fit correctly.

If the used towbar doesn’t come with original fitting instructions, you will find it difficult to securely attach it to your vehicle.

Towbar Parts

Even if you buy a second-hand towbar for a small price, you may have to change all washers, nuts, and bolts if they look worn out. This will add to the cost of purchasing the towbar.

You have to also wire the towbar to power the trailer lights. If you buy a second-hand towbar that isn’t compatible with the electrical systems on your vehicle, you won’t be able to install it.

Warranties and Damage

Second-hand towbars don’t come with any manufacturer’s warranty. If you have problems with the towbar after installing it, you’ll have to spend more money to fix the issues.

Watch out for cracks and dents on the second-hand towbar. The towbar should be straight and strong enough to tow the trailer in the right direction.

Instead of buying a second-hand towbar that has no guarantee; look for new towbars that are specifically designed for your vehicle. You could also ask for a custom towbar if you’ve modified your vehicle and can’t find a standard towbar that fits correctly.

Towbar Installation in Melbourne

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